Who was where when and for how long

With Dialoghub Analytics you fetch current attendance in real-time. Especially at live events and even more so if done remotely, real-time analysis can be used to call up the current number of participants. By doing this, you can understand whether goals are reached, how high the interest is in topics or how motivated and interested the invitees are.

Analysis of interests

Of utmost interest.

Use the analysis of interests to measure range, popularity and, thus, interest in contents and functionalities.

If you want to know how many views a news article got, how many people are romping about on the social wall or how many participants have looked at evaluations – you will get results here.

Historical analysis

Measure the power spikes.

Historical analysis ascertains how many people were present at what times during an event.

Quickly interpretable curve diagrams let you comprehend where there were peaks and valleys and how to optimize future programs (on the basis of numbers) – all that at the drop of a hat.

Voting analysis

Count, validate, react.

Live analysis for voting monitors and supervising jurists.

Especially in cases of remote voting, it is vital to comprehend who was attendant, if they voted and – in cases of an open poll – what they have voted for. Based on clear lists, voting monitors and supervising jurists get a quick overview of the participation rate and, in alignment with evaluation results, of the validity of results.