Basic features

Dialoghub offers extensive opportunites for interaction with and between participants and employees. Multilingualism lies in the genes and has proven itself dozens of times. The Dialoghub basis lies the foundation for powerful plugins, such as Dialoghub Exchange and Dialoghub Surveys.


Looks like your company.

Customize Dialoghub to the logo and colors of your company to meet your corporate design.

In Call-To-Actions and Heros you can incorporate your own images to increase brand recognition and heighten the identification level of your employees.

The interaction portal

The interaction portal

In Dialoghub for your company, you create sites for events, ballots, to-do lists, information, intranet applications and more. As a company you get your own databank on which your users are stored securely.

Thus it is ensured that your data are only accessible to you. Within the portal every employee or participant is created only once. This markedly improves the user experience and enables a seamless connection of different sites.

This allows workshops to run for a limited user group which can then be made accessible to all Dialoghub users: all that with just a few clicks.


Ultraflexible with widgets.

With Dialoghub widgets, information, links and individual content can be transported easily and quickly.

The Call-to-Action widget looks great and guides through Dialoghub, the groupd widget shows users group dependant information. Further widgets that are delivered with Dialoghub plugins help to provide real-time poll evaluations for users, for example.



By adding interesting people to your own network, it is possible to connect with people after the event is over.

Users & Groups

Your users, your groups.

Manage imported users and create new ones with the user and group management tool.

You can assign users to groups and record information such as color, manager notes or participants' information. With the group widget, you provide this information to the group members.

That way you keep track of employees and participants. And if anything changes, you can ban and unban accounts at any time.