Basic features

Users & Groups

Manage imported users and create new ones with the user and group management tool.


With Dialoghub widgets, information, links and individual content can be transported easily and quickly.


Customize Dialoghub to the logo and colors of your company to meet your corporate design.

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With Dialoghub Exchange you bring people together.


With categorized boards, users can immediately react to up-to-the-minute topics and discuss them.


Increase emotion by directly addressing and involving your target group through livestreams.

Flexible whiteboards

Integrate multiple Exchange-boards in one site to run workshops and encourage discussions.

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Dialoghub Surveys delivers answers to the important questions.

Question Types

Create strong and meaningful surveys with multiple choice, free text, slider and sort questions.


Gather reccuring questions in templates to draw on them again and again.


Bar and pie charts as well as tag clouds evaluate polls conveniently and appealingly.

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Live is live


Increase emotion by directly addressing and involving your target group through livestreams.

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The Dialoghub Newsroom brings your content live to the integrated website.

Gapless reporting

Journalistic contributions and the website itself can already be created before the actual show date – as a warm up for topics and as preparation for participants.

Renowed specialists

In the newsroom journalists work at high speed.

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Dialoghub Analytics shows who was where when. And for how long.

Voting analysis

Live analysis for voting monitors and supervising jurists.

Historical analysis

Historical analysis ascertains how many people were present at what times during an event.

Analysis of interests

Use the analysis of interests to measure range, popularity and, thus, interest in contents and functionalities.

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Dialoghub Moments turns moments to experiences.

Director’s view

In the director's view, selected moments or cues are displayed in the form of a rundown. This allows directors to execute show planning directly in Dialoghub.


The timeline contains all the planned moments of your event. When creating a new moment, you can enter countless data that are relevant for organizers, but not for participants. Additionally, there will be times when items are entered purely for planning and execution. Therefore, you as a manager decide which moments are visible on the participants' agenda.

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We attach great importance to security. At all levels.

Login restriction

It is possible to configure sites so that users can only log in once. This ensures that access is not forwarded or user accounts are shared.


Show your participants a notice that has to be confirmed before being allowed entry to the site, if needed.

Protection against brute force attacks

After incorrectly inputting the password multiple times, user accounts are blocked and can only be unblocked by managers.

Account security

Activate 2-factor authentication with one click in Dialoghub Management.

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